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About Us

SAEDECO offers a wide range of services creating an exciting and joyful atmosphere with jewelry design, flower decoration, retail space displays, and event coordination.


Sae Hayakawa

多摩美術大学 環境デザイン学科 卒業。
ジュエリーブランドにて企画デザイナーとして勤務の後、三宅一生デザイン文化財団にて、デザイン施設「21_21DESIGN SIGHT」の立ち上げ及び企画業務に携わる。WAKUWORKS一級建築士事務所にて、企画及び広報業務に携わった後、2015年「SAEDECO」を立ち上げる。

2019年より1年3ヶ月ロンドンに渡英。帰国後、自身の制作活動に加え、ヴィンテージの雑貨や、現地で出会った作家たちの作品をセレクトしたショップ「SAEDECO MARKET」をスタート。(現在販売はイベント時のみ)


Sae has graduated from Tama Art University with a major in Environmental Design. After working as a jewelry designer, she has worked for THE MIYAKE ISSEY FOUNDATION to launch a design facility named 21_21DESIGN SIGHT, and for an architect company WAKUWORKS in Tokyo. With her passion for making handmade earrings and decorative flowers and foliage, she has launched SAEDECO in 2015.

Sae has been training for more than a decade in Ikenobo, a traditional Japanese flower arrangement school. This allows her to create beautifully arranged seasonal flowers and foliage with mixture of Japanese aesthetic and European bouquet style. She offers individual bouquets and flower arrangements to decorate retail space and events. She creates handmade bespoke jewelry with natural materials, and has been hosting exhibitions and workshops at her studio, Isetan department stores, and Muji.





東京都国立市谷保5119 やぼろじ内(蔵2F)

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In March 2018, SAEDECO opened its first studio at Yaho, Kunitachi-shi in Tokyo. It is located on the second floor of a renovated Japanese storehouse “kura” within a traditional family house from the Edo period.


Inside Yaboroji (Kura 2nd floor) 5119 Yaho Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo

*Only open for events and exhibitions. Check News or follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates on event information.





About SAEDECO Earrings

All earrings are handmade, and one of a kind. Using a broad range of materials, including vintage, and traditional craft buttons, from deer horns to scrap wood, carefully selected from all over the world. Sae hopes to create small things that make you happy in your daily life.

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